Betclic Casino: for when?

Until now Betclic Casino is still illegal in France , because an efficient and transparent licensing system has not yet been created. What are the challenges and prospects of setting up a licensing system in France? Elements of answers below.

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Despite its regulation and its opening in 2010, the French online gaming market is still largely in the hands of two incumbent operators (the FDJ® and the PMU), which are majority-owned by the French state. As for poker, it is dominated in France by Winamax and PokerStars who uses a marketing code to seduce the players.

But many players like Betclic Casino are now eager to enter this market – which should be their right according to European directives – in order to offer a wider choice to consumers. Slot machines, roulette and blackjack are already developed by the operator, since the site in .com (illegal for French residents) already offers this type of games.

Only poker (also offered by Betclic which offers one of the best bonuses with a promotional code Betclic ), betting and turf are currently authorized by the ARJEL, the regulatory authority for games in France. French line. However, the PS is committed to liberalize as soon as possible the entire sector of online games and hopes are allowed.

In any case, the opening of the online casino market is only a matter of time, given the European directives on the subject, directives that France is obliged to transpose in the prescribed time, under pain to be sentenced by the Court of Justice of the European Union.


Two main reasons explain the involvement of players in the regulation of online casinos: as in other European countries, regulation will improve the playing conditions offered by operators and ensure better protection of players against operators.


The introduction of licenses would help to professionalize a little more the environment by establishing clear rules of the game that everyone should respect. Who says more players said increased competition and therefore more choice and surely lower prices and, certainly, a better quality of service . For example, each company should compete for creativity to attract and retain its players. Betclic Online Casino provides an attractive bonus system and quality software for players.


Beyond these considerations, there is also the protection of the player. Many are still victims of the more or less fraudulent practices of online casinos established in tax havens.

With proper legislation and actors physically present on the territory, this kind of fraud would become impossible, and that’s why Betclic Casino, along with many others, is campaigning for a quick implementation of the licensing system.

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