How to Distinguish Official and Unofficial Online Gambling Sites

How are all those who love gambling games online wherever you are. In this opportunity you will be given a little input so you can play on a trusted online gambling website. You are certainly confused not about the technique of distinguishing legitimate online gambling websites from unofficial online websites. It is no secret that there are not many illegal gambling sites that have characteristics similar to official online gambling websites. But as a player you don’t need to worry because you will be given a little information on how to differentiate.

Poker is an online gambling game that is the most unique player interest, especially for players who like card games. Poker card games can basically run 2 to 6 players. Poker games require exclusive techniques that are of course the level of accuracy are the main factors that are worth noting while playing. Even so, this gambling game is not in the interest of many players, even now according to many sources there are not a few millions of players played in each year. Figures that can be said to be extraordinary are certainly supported by a qualified poker game system. Not only can it be carried out using conventional techniques, but it can also be played with online techniques.

Development of Online Gambling Sites From Time to Time

As is known if previously the poker game is still fairly traditional. but with the presence of online games increasingly interested in not a few players. Not only because the playing techniques make it easier for players in it, they can also get more benefits by utilizing online systems. But it must be known and be more careful, the more number of players, of course the gambling sites contained in cyberspace are not infrequently developed as well. but unfortunately this growth is not infrequently there are those who use it for their own sake. Therefore, now there are not a lot of illegal gambling sites that are spread and used as a fraud.

Tips on Playing in the Best Online Gambling Site

When playing, it is not uncommon to expect peace and comfort. But for those who want to play and get real dividends, surely Harsu has a mature game strategy. when you get a win, it will certainly be profitable, because as a player you can get real money easily and relatively short periods.

For players who want to try this game, of course there are a number of requirements needed. Not just playing, because this matter will be related to the benefits that can be felt. As a beginner player will pursue this online gambling site. The amount is quite a lot, so that the business makes it easier for anyone to get a little profit in it.

But it should not be easy to be tempted by the lure offered. Because the comfort and professionalism of gambling websites is very important to note. Joining together a trusted site is one of the pride and the right option for you.

One of the best and trusted online gambling sites is a Agen Bola Web. This site is an official site in Indonesia that provides various online gambling games such as online soccer betting or what we know as sportsbook, live casino, and online slot machines, poker, dominoes and many more. Agen Bola Terpercaya provides a Deposit Bonus and a Discount of 20% for Casino games.

Trend of Modern Online Gambling Sites

In today’s sophisticated and modern era, there are certainly not a lot of online gambling sites competing uniquely for the attention of all game members. But at times like that there are also problem makers by creating fraudulent sites. They often use the atmosphere created by trusted online gambling websites and they precisely make a trusted website a true liar. Players who are victims of illegitimate websites like that are no different from novice players who don’t understand anything yet. Beginner players are only persuaded by promos offered by irresponsible websites, actually the promo is merely a technique for the unique attention of its victims.

If you do not want to be a victim of the illegal online gambling website, how good it is to recognize each site first carefully. Below are a number of ways to separate legitimate and illegal online gambling sites that can be easily separated, between different:

Things That Are Done To Distinguish Online Gambling Sites

  • To get an Id or username must issue fees.

When working on registering on a trusted online gambling website, there are no fees at all. However, on an unofficial website you will be charged when working on registration. Because they will write it cannot be made if they do not deposit money first. Therefore, join this site because recording will not be charged and reliable.

  • Service Provided

All gambling websites must always spend communication services as the main convenience offered. But this business in fact is not only owned by legitimate online gambling websites. Because not a few found online gambling websites that do not officially provide services, for example live chat services and others. But it must be known, even though both websites have services that are not far from the opposite. Unofficial online gambling sites often use these services for other destinations, one of which is understanding your individual data. Therefore, if you are asked to communicate with other services, it is advisable to avoid such matters. Actually, for the game services that are needed, try to use the convenience of live chat, which is already official, rather than the ease of communication.

  • Excessive Promo

Not only two information above the promotion system offered by online gambling websites also becomes something that can show about the difference between original and fake websites. In essence, not a few players are indeed easily persuaded to play during lucrative promos. But if the promos that are submitted are too excessive, of course such things must be suspected. Because to get a big profit, of course it cannot be done very easily and shortly. Then do the inspection first before joining it.

  • Provide Alternative links

There are not a few gambling sites that are closed by force, without exception the original online gambling website. thus spare alternative links. However, the choice of links must also not be noticed many times, if the site is notified by the official website, of course this can be seen authenticity.

  • Services Provided Unfriendly And Poor

Service is the main factor for many members to join. When the response submitted by the online gambling website is legitimate it is easy, unlike the case with a liar site, it must submit complicated information. Before depositing online fraudulent gambling websites, fraudsters are always fast and always answer your chat. But after depositing an online gambling website deposit it certainly disappears and its whereabouts are unknown. Even it seems slow to respond to any business and when you see a deposit that has been deposited it turns out that it doesn’t exist at all or is not filled in at all.

Pronounced not least thanks for following the discussion of techniques to distinguish legitimate online gambling websites and unofficial gambling websites. Get less information about online gambling and just work on registering with trusted sites to get wins and big dividends. Will be fully guaranteed your account security services in working on transactions.

Esports Athlete, These 3 People are The Highest Paid Player in the World!!

Who would have thought, playing games when this is not solely limited to drinking pleasure. In its development, playing games can be a revenue field. For gamers must have been most familiar with what and how esports. The rapid development at world level created Esports Indonesia also affected both in terms of revenue of all players, the number of players, as well as the creativity of players.

Speaking of income, the following three greatest esporters are the highest in the world. Although there are no Indonesian esports athletes who are in the top three, it does not need to be discouraged. Is one of your favorite athletes? Please refer to the discussion below.

1. Kuro Salehi Takhosomi

Kuro Salehi Takhasomi wore Kuroky nickname. The German man who sprung up on October 28, 1992 was a professional game player Dota 2. Kuro topped one of the highest-paid esports athletes, which was $ 3,437,188.35 or equivalent to 46 billion rupiah. He became among the top 5 players of Dota each year. Before playing in Dota 2, Kuro is a DotA Allstars player.

In addition to the highest-paid athlete, Kuro was an accomplished athlete. Various international tournaments he has won with his team, namely Team Liquid. In 2017, he won Dota2 The International 7 or TI7. Kuro joined as a player on international teams in 2008. That same year, he joined Team Mousesport for the Dota Dreamhack Winter competition. After that, he moved the team like Pantzer, Natus Vincere, and so forth.

2. Amer Barqawi

Amer Barqawi ranks second as the world’s highest-paid esports athlete, which is $ 3,104,079.88 or equivalent to 40 billion rupiah. He wears the Miracle nickname. The Jordanian man who sprung up on June 20, 1997, started his career as a Dota 2 player in 2015. Amer has a short trip in second place as the highest-paid esports athlete. Initially he played in the team, but after four months he decided to get up and play solo.

When playing solo, he got a stunning achievement, which occupies the position of unity in the European server. Therefore, he is perceived as a personal player with above-average skills. Just like Kuro, Amer is a member of Liquid teams. But before he played for a team (monkey) business that is now known as OG.

View Miracle profile in youtube movie form below:

3. Saahil Arora

Saahil Arora ranks third as the highest-paid esports athlete in the world, which is $ 2,937,956.27 or equivalent to 39 billion rupiah. This United States man appeared on October 11, 1989, older than the two athletes on it. During playing as a professional gamer Dota 2, he wore the UNiVeRsE nickname. In 2011, Saahil joined Online Kingdom. This is his comeback, Then, in 2012, he joins Team Evil Genuises.

After that, he switched teams again, namely Quantic Gaming and Team Dignitas. In 2013, he came home to join Team Evil Genuises. At The International 2014, he together Tim Evil Genuises successfully snatch the champion 3. Then followed as the first champion in 2015. Saahil never compiled his own team has the name of Team Sadboys, but unfortunately did not last long.

The three athletes esports the above can motivate all players esports Indonesia to increase the skill. Achievement and diligence can be emulated. Do we also want to be athletes eports? Please try your luck in this field. Who knows lucky. After passing read should not forget to share this paper for fellow gamers or to our other friends. Hopefully work and improve the spirit to earn through the games.

The casino cities in the world

Or rather, even if this city deserves the attribute of “fabulous”, the world has many other attractive places for players. The casino with the most slot machines remains the obscure FoxWoods Resort in Connecticut (7,000); in absolute terms, Macao now clearly exceeds Vegas. France is the most beautiful country in the world and is in no way left out; other places, especially in Asia, may well surpass Nevada for their modernity, charm or authenticity.

Discover or rediscover the hotspots of “gambling” in France and around the world.


  • The most famous casino cities in France
  • Places to play elsewhere in the world
  • From one place to another: the casino cruise
  • Tips for keeping a cool head

Enghien, Monaco, the Côte d’Azur: these are the most popular places for players.


With its racetrack and casino, Enghien is by far the most important gambling city in France. Moreover, the figures of the only casino speak for themselves: for the financial year 2009/2010, its gross product of the games was of nearly 151 million euros, far ahead of the 55 million euros of the second of the ranking (casino of Aix en Provence).

Indeed, it is necessary to know that historically and legally, only the thermal cities have in France the right to shelter one or more casinos. Consequently, Paris does not count any, and admits only circles of games where you will pay an annual subscription and you will not find for example no slot machine. Being the nearest spa town (15 km only), and the others being much more distant (Dieppe, Deauville …), Enghien is like the only casino in Paris . As such, it includes:

  • 500 slot machines
  • 40 games tables
  • a Poker Room

With 3 bars, 2 restaurants and a concert hall that hosts concerts and other entertainment, not to mention the lake from which are drawn magnificent fireworks, it is a place for recreation and games. must-have money in Ile-de-France.

For horse racing fans , you should know that the racecourse counts:

  • 11 hedge courses
  • 1 trotting track of 1,300 meters
  • 13 steeple-chase courses (obstacle course)

Very famous for this last discipline, he organizes the prestigious Grand Steeple-Chase d’Enghien. To stay there, you can go to the Grand Hôtel Barrière located just in front of the casino or at the Hôtel du Lac. Each has a spa to enjoy the thermal baths of the place.

If you are just passing through the city, take advantage of the proximity of Paris to visit the capital, or discover the Val d’Oise and Oise, including the Natural Park of Vexin French and the multiple cities and places to both magnificent and historical: Auvers-sur-Oise, Chantilly, Senlis, Valois, … Or, head west to Versailles, or south to Fontainebleau.


If you visit the French Riviera or have the opportunity to go directly to Monaco, the casinos of Monte-Carlo remain mythical places of the game and attract the big players. They are 4, properties of the Society of the Baths of Sea:

  • Casino Monte Carlo , the most prestigious and with the best gaming offer
  • Casino Café de Paris , the largest in Monaco and with a galactic atmosphere
  • Sun Casino , a specialist in American games and whose theme is circus
  • Monte-Carlo Bay Casino , ultra-contemporary

Given the sums sometimes very important that are played, each has several private rooms even for some qualified “Super Private”. Regarding the offer of games and the many services offered on site, you will find out more by going to the dedicated section of the official website of the SBM . If you plan to stay several days on site, the Monte-Carlo Circle card  will grant you many benefits (various free access – including those at casinos, discounts …).

The Grand Prix of Monte Carlo can be the perfect opportunity to discover the city. Do not hesitate to lose yourself on the Rock whose view remains one of the most beautiful of the Mediterranean coast.


The coast between Marseille and Menton is famous for its many casinos. A favorite holiday resort for wealthy people and hosting the jet-set from around the world for example during the Cannes Film Festival, it is one of the essential places of the game in France. Of course, the activity remains much more intense in summer than during the low season.

Here, we do not only go to the casino for entertainment or with his little hope of winning a few hundred euros; we go there to see and especially to be seen, and if the wallet follows, to flambé. The most notable casinos are located in Cannes, with:

  • Palm Beach (Partouche Group): it has 75 slot machines, 1 private lounge and 1 private beach
  • Le Croisette (Groupe Lucien Barrière): its Poker Room is one of the largest in France, where you can practice both Hold’Em and Omaha
  • The Princes (Groupe Lucien Barrière): its 155 bandits-penguins, its many video poker machines and blackjack tables are a particularity of this casino

Nice is also an important city of the game, welcoming the same way as Enghien or Deauville steps of European poker circuits. The various festivals on site or nearby and a sublime hinterland deserve at least as much visit as poker and roulette.

Betclic Casino: for when?

Until now Betclic Casino is still illegal in France , because an efficient and transparent licensing system has not yet been created. What are the challenges and prospects of setting up a licensing system in France? Elements of answers below.

NB: If you want to play casino games, we suggest you to turn to the best legal site and free to do so: GameTwist .


Despite its regulation and its opening in 2010, the French online gaming market is still largely in the hands of two incumbent operators (the FDJ® and the PMU), which are majority-owned by the French state. As for poker, it is dominated in France by Winamax and PokerStars who uses a marketing code to seduce the players.

But many players like Betclic Casino are now eager to enter this market – which should be their right according to European directives – in order to offer a wider choice to consumers. Slot machines, roulette and blackjack are already developed by the operator, since the site in .com (illegal for French residents) already offers this type of games.

Only poker (also offered by Betclic which offers one of the best bonuses with a promotional code Betclic ), betting and turf are currently authorized by the ARJEL, the regulatory authority for games in France. French line. However, the PS is committed to liberalize as soon as possible the entire sector of online games and hopes are allowed.

In any case, the opening of the online casino market is only a matter of time, given the European directives on the subject, directives that France is obliged to transpose in the prescribed time, under pain to be sentenced by the Court of Justice of the European Union.


Two main reasons explain the involvement of players in the regulation of online casinos: as in other European countries, regulation will improve the playing conditions offered by operators and ensure better protection of players against operators.


The introduction of licenses would help to professionalize a little more the environment by establishing clear rules of the game that everyone should respect. Who says more players said increased competition and therefore more choice and surely lower prices and, certainly, a better quality of service . For example, each company should compete for creativity to attract and retain its players. Betclic Online Casino provides an attractive bonus system and quality software for players.


Beyond these considerations, there is also the protection of the player. Many are still victims of the more or less fraudulent practices of online casinos established in tax havens.

With proper legislation and actors physically present on the territory, this kind of fraud would become impossible, and that’s why Betclic Casino, along with many others, is campaigning for a quick implementation of the licensing system.