The Russian team, will their be the Black Horse in the 2018 World Cup

Extremely prestigious sports competitions around the world, the 2018 Football World Cup came home. Russia has the opportunity to host the location of live World Cup 2018. The competition held every four years presents 32 countries from so many parts of the continent.

The country is nicknamed the Red Bear is desperately to bring a lively 2018 World Cup party and become the center of tourists around the world for a vacation and watch the World Cup directly. In addition, whether the appearance of Russia will be as brilliant as its event?

The history of Russia in the World Cup

If examined more deeply, Russia is not the first teams appear in the World Cup. Before being renamed Russia, the Soviet Union was a team that once played neatly in the World Cup like 1958, 1962, 1966, 1970, and 1994, 2002, until 2014 which had been renamed Russia. However, his success did not gain a good result when he had the name of the Soviet Union. Russia can not escape and be eliminated by its opponents in the group stage.

At Euro 2016 also Russia showed poor performance and can not do a big evolution ahead of the 2018 World Cup. The situation was exacerbated by the dismissal of the main coach of the Russian team Leonid Slutsky which resulted in bad tactics and injuries to all players. Plus the FIFA rankings show if Russia gets mired. In the Group B phase of Euro 2016, Russia were only able to draw 1-1 with England and lost in two games against Slovakia 1-2 and Wales 0-3.

In this series of matches in 2016, Russia can only win one victory, two defeats and the balance balance. The following which resulted in them slumped to the world’s 38th rank. For that, the Russian team must improve their performance before appearing in the 2018 World Cup competition. Not to mention the millions of viewers and supporters of the Russian team who are disappointed over the performance of their favorite team.

The Emergence of New Qualified Coach

As if hit by a gloomy past, the presence of Russia’s national team coach Stanislav Cherchesov brings a bright spot to the rise of the Russian squad from these assumptions. Given Cherchesov is known for his tough coach in dealing with all players, the success of the former Russian national team goalkeeper is successful in teaching clubs in Europe. Together with Legia Warsaw, Cherchesov can win the Polish League. Therefore, all fans of the Russian national team should feel proud and lucky with the presence of Cherchesov is iron-iron.

Given Russia is in group A, the quality of Russia is still favored with teams segrupnya, namely Uruguay, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Based on information from the FIFA rankings, Russia and Uruguay are still well ahead of the other two teams. It is the Russian dividend to show good performance. Plus playing at home turf alias own homeland, Russia is desirable to offset the game of opponents contained in group A.

The Russian national team is reinforced by names like Oleg Shatov and Alan Dzagoev who are the mainstay of attack, as well as veteran top goalkeeper and captain Igor Akinfeev who will strengthen the Russian football team to eliminate their worst performance stigma in previous years.

It can be concluded that the current national teams of Russia have more advantages. Tuan a clear residence will be supported by millions of Russian society. The players and coaches are veteran in the face of distress when the game is an advantage that belongs to Russia. The opponents of one group staying digadang is one of the teams of the World Cup 2018 horse.

However, relying on tuah alone is not enough. Russia must immediately fix with their national team problems such as regeneration of young players to the extent of being qualified to look fresh with young and talented players to face the 2018 World Cup competition.