Esports Athlete, These 3 People are The Highest Paid Player in the World!!

Who would have thought, playing games when this is not solely limited to drinking pleasure. In its development, playing games can be a revenue field. For gamers must have been most familiar with what and how esports. The rapid development at world level created Esports Indonesia also affected both in terms of revenue of all players, the number of players, as well as the creativity of players.

Speaking of income, the following three greatest esporters are the highest in the world. Although there are no Indonesian esports athletes who are in the top three, it does not need to be discouraged. Is one of your favorite athletes? Please refer to the discussion below.

1. Kuro Salehi Takhosomi

Kuro Salehi Takhasomi wore Kuroky nickname. The German man who sprung up on October 28, 1992 was a professional game player Dota 2. Kuro topped one of the highest-paid esports athletes, which was $ 3,437,188.35 or equivalent to 46 billion rupiah. He became among the top 5 players of Dota each year. Before playing in Dota 2, Kuro is a DotA Allstars player.

In addition to the highest-paid athlete, Kuro was an accomplished athlete. Various international tournaments he has won with his team, namely Team Liquid. In 2017, he won Dota2 The International 7 or TI7. Kuro joined as a player on international teams in 2008. That same year, he joined Team Mousesport for the Dota Dreamhack Winter competition. After that, he moved the team like Pantzer, Natus Vincere, and so forth.

2. Amer Barqawi

Amer Barqawi ranks second as the world’s highest-paid esports athlete, which is $ 3,104,079.88 or equivalent to 40 billion rupiah. He wears the Miracle nickname. The Jordanian man who sprung up on June 20, 1997, started his career as a Dota 2 player in 2015. Amer has a short trip in second place as the highest-paid esports athlete. Initially he played in the team, but after four months he decided to get up and play solo.

When playing solo, he got a stunning achievement, which occupies the position of unity in the European server. Therefore, he is perceived as a personal player with above-average skills. Just like Kuro, Amer is a member of Liquid teams. But before he played for a team (monkey) business that is now known as OG.

View Miracle profile in youtube movie form below:

3. Saahil Arora

Saahil Arora ranks third as the highest-paid esports athlete in the world, which is $ 2,937,956.27 or equivalent to 39 billion rupiah. This United States man appeared on October 11, 1989, older than the two athletes on it. During playing as a professional gamer Dota 2, he wore the UNiVeRsE nickname. In 2011, Saahil joined Online Kingdom. This is his comeback, Then, in 2012, he joins Team Evil Genuises.

After that, he switched teams again, namely Quantic Gaming and Team Dignitas. In 2013, he came home to join Team Evil Genuises. At The International 2014, he together Tim Evil Genuises successfully snatch the champion 3. Then followed as the first champion in 2015. Saahil never compiled his own team has the name of Team Sadboys, but unfortunately did not last long.

The three athletes esports the above can motivate all players esports Indonesia to increase the skill. Achievement and diligence can be emulated. Do we also want to be athletes eports? Please try your luck in this field. Who knows lucky. After passing read should not forget to share this paper for fellow gamers or to our other friends. Hopefully work and improve the spirit to earn through the games.

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