The Fact That E-Sport and Indonesian Gambling are increasingly Existent!

When watching one of the Dota 2 game tournaments abroad with a prize of 20 million dollars or more than 200 billion rupiahs, surely I wonder whether being a gamers is promising as a profession? But the question has not yet passed there, in Indonesia, are gamers getting support from the government?

For spacer who now has a serious approach to plunge into the world of gaming, we have no good news about the development of e-Sport in Indonesia. Check here!

Government Recognizes e-Sport in Indonesia through IeSPA

On June 24, 2014, the government passed the Ministry of Youth and Sports to conclude that Indonesia e-Sport Association (IeSPA) was legally incorporated into the state body. So you can say that since 2014, the government has been supporting the competition of games in Indonesia and abroad.

Even IeSPA has collaborated with a large game development company like Lyto, Garena, Megaxus, and Techno Solution to participate in regular competition in Indonesia. For long-term targets, IeSPA will create internet cafes or game centers with international standards so that professional gamers in Indonesia can develop further.

The Number of Gamers in Indonesia Has Tens of Million!

Quoting the page, as of now the number of gamers in Indonesia reaches 43.7 million players. Even in one year, gamers in Indonesia can spend 880 million dollars or 10 trillion rupiah. That number makes Indonesia ranked 16th in a very consumptive country for game affairs.

Now, with that number, the potential that belongs to Indonesia is huge to be among the countries that excel in the field of e-Sport in the world. IeSPA itself announced that it would continue to conduct short and long term competition in the regions to select the best gamers in all of Indonesia.

NVIDIA Builds the Biggest iCafe in Solo

In October 2017, NVIDIA inaugurated iCafe in Solo, Central Java. With the name GeForce-Certified iCafe Poseidon, this iCafe is the largest in Indonesia. One that is witnessed from an iCafe or game center is computer specifications. Here, you will see a hundred computers with Ge-Force GTX 1060 graphics cards.

Not only that, there is also a VIP room which is equipped with twelve computers with GTX 1070. It hasn’t ended there, at Poseidon there is also a Battle Room which contains twelve computers with god specifications, namely the GTX 1080 Ti. In Battle Room it can be a place of international standard competition. Now, iCafe has spread in many cities in Indonesia!

Large Gaming Competition in Indonesia

Although Indonesia can only be considered as an audience if there is a big competition in e-Sport in the world, this year Indonesia can show its existence in the realm of e-Sport. In the beginning of this year, Indonesia gained greatness to host the Dota 2 Asia Pacific tournament through the 2018 APAC Predator League which was held from January 18-21, 2018 at Taman Anggrek Mall, Jakarta.

At the finals of this tournament, eight countries gather to win the first place in the 2018 APAC Predator League Grand Final. The Dota tournament is a success, spacer! Seeing the interest of viewers who are so eager to support representatives of Indonesian teams in the final round, it is no wonder that e-Sport is predicted to continue to grow in the country. If you’re curious about the 2018 APAC Predator League tournament, look at

Development of Poker In Indonesia

Maybe many of you don’t often hear poker games, maybe even you have played it yourself. But, do you know the history and origins of Poker games? yes, in this article I will describe the History and Origins of Poker.

Definition of Poker

Texas holdem or commonly known as hold’em is a variety of standard poker games. The game consists of two cards given to each player and five cards that the dealer will start on the table, five cards called Community Cards which consist of three series (the flop) and the fourth card (the turn or fourth street) and the Lastly, the fifth card is called the river or fifth streeet, so each player has the opportunity to work on the bet.

History of Poker

Poker games have been around since the beginning of the 18th century with the name Pochen in Germany, Brag in England and Poque in France. Then, all traders from France introduced Poque in America and were known by its new name, Poker. One source from the UK recited that poker began to be played in 1829 in the city of New Orleans, America. At first poker was played with 1 deck of cards which consisted of only 20 types of cards unlike the current one deck consisting of 52 types of cards.

Although not much is understood about poker’s findings, the Texas State Legislature legitimately recognizes Robstown, Texas, United States as the birthplace of this card game in the early 1900s


Texas Hold’em is a very popular form of poker. The popularity of Texas Hold’em has increased since it appeared on television and the internet.

1. Popularity of Poker Increases Through Television

Before poker expanded on television, the film Rounders (1998) was played by Matt Damon and Edward Norton, giving viewers the romantic side of the game as a way of life. A fit of the classic fight between Johnny Chan and Erick Seidel of the World Series of Poker in 1988 was included in the film, and what was no less popular was the center of the film’s storyline in 2006, the James Bond film Casino Royale.

Not only in Hollywood, poker was also popular through Hong Kong films, one of which was in the film God of Gamblers, which was played by Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau, commonly referred to as the god of gambling. In 2015 in February, Chow Yun Fat came home to play with Nicholas Tse in a film called From Vegas to Macau.

2. Popularity of Poker Through the Internet

we all know that the internet is one of the media that quickly grabs information, so that online poker is created. Some websites like Poker Asia and media that offer this game online and offline. Not only that, but also provides a way to enter the big tournament like the World Series of Poker. Winners in 2003 and 2004 were Chris Moneymaker and Gray Raymer from the World Series No Limit Hold’em Main Event who filled the conditions to play in this tournament. Although online poker grew from 1998 to 2003, Moneymaker’s victory in television advertising in 2003 handed over a contribution to three times the industry’s income in 2004.

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