The Most Ashamed Scandal in Football History and also Indonesia

The beautiful game shown by football players both local and abroad in bringing the good name of his team seemed to be a magnet of all sports lovers on this one. They are constantly watching their team games and their favorite players. Plus World Cup 2018 to be held in a matter of months.

Unfortunately, the world of football does not escape from the bribery cases one of them structuring the score. As a nightmare and embarrassing disgrace, the scoring scandal still happens today. Homeland football also got scratched by the despicable acts of all the people who work on soccer arrangements for personal gain. Here are the 5 hottest scandal of embarrassing soccer arrangement.

1. The Totonero scandal in 1980

Italian football or commonly named Serie A who had become the best league should be crossed because the scoring scandal scandal. Totonero involves Serie A and B teams like Milan, Lazio, Perugia, Bologna, Taranto and Palermo. The brains behind this scandal are the two shopkeepers in Rome, Fabio Trinca and Massimo Cruciani, who make match purchases from all those teams. The scandal that had been held long enough, finally inhaled by Italian finance police or Guardia in Finanza. Resulting in the 20 players and 2 presidents of the dispersed teams should be discharged and punished for a total of 50 years.

2. Calciopoli in 2006

Italian football again had to get caught up in the scoring scandal. The scandal involves five top-flight teams like Juventus, AC Milan, Lazio, Fiorentina and Regina. A FIGC investigation or an Italian football association and the local police revealed that the clubs were privileged by referees who clearly benefited them in each match.

This scandal impact on Juventus punishment that must give up the title Scudetto 2004/2005 and 2005/2006 drawn out and down the caste to the division Serie B. Meanwhile, other clubs solely get a reduction points.

3. Bundsliga Referee Bribe Bribe Scandal In 2005

German public this time should feel disappointed with the scoring scandal in Bundesliga matches. The reason, a referee has the name of Robert Hoyzer involved structuring the score in a number of matches like division two, three, and the domestic cup involving Bundesliga clubs. The structuring scandal includes controversial penalties until a red card in 23 different matches.

The referee was charged with a fee of manipulating four games of € 67,000 and a set of televisions that would have been converted to Rp955.179.681. The impact on the ban to follow the football of a lifetime and 2 years in prison for this controversial scandal is the biggest in the world of German football.

4. Elephant Football Scandal Homeland

The elephant football scandal started in 1988 in the Persebik Persebaya and Persipura Main Division match to answer the grudge on PSIS to get stuck and meet Persipura. As if opening the old wound because PSIS who lost by PSM Makasar on Division Main Perserikatan 1985/1986 impact Persebaya that can not go to round six large. Persebaya gave up as many as 12 goals and did not care about Persipura advanced to the next round.

5. PSS Elephant Football Against PSIS

The next embarrassing scandal comes from soccer homeland again. Known as the Elephant Football Scandal involving the PSS won the game over PSIS at the 1998 Tiger Cup. The 3-2 score looked odd because the score of the fifth goal was the impact of an own goal. Both teams are forced to work on elephant football in order not to become group winners who will send them face to face with Borneo FC, viewing that year Borneo FC is a team that must be avoided because the game and often find the advantage to qualify in each game. As a result all the players who fall in the scandal should be punished and forbidden to play football again.

For the sake of finding a handful of money, sometimes all the players seemed to forget their obligations to show aesthetic games to watch and bring the team that defended to be a winner. Therefore, in order to welcome the prestigious event 2018 World Cup, it is desirable for no more problems like this that clearly harm all the lovers of football.

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