Who and What is Awarded by the Esports Industry Award

On November 13, all the best cyber sportsmen, publishers, organizers, and industry representatives were handed over in London.

Carpet tracks, photoshoots, men in parades and speeches thank you … Usually we don’t want the e-sports community. But when it comes to serious ceremonies, even cyberattacks return to dandies.

Every year, in many disciplines e-sports, world championships and big competition are held to identify and reward the best teams and the best players. But matching achievements in so many games and near them is no easy task. He picked up the Esports Industry Award.

For the first time, the best representatives of the industry were presented with statues last year. The ceremony and voting are carried out almost in trial mode. But this season the organizers took into account their past mistakes, so the ceremony attracted less attention. The panelist are most of the judge that work in Casino around Asia and Europe.

At the first location this year at the Esports Industry Award, it was more important to be left to the voting audience. Viewers and users themselves offer nominations and finalists are selected for the short arrangement. Then, their voices were budgeted equivalent to the panel of judges, which summarized 11 representatives from many international companies.

The competition for 22 statues and the titles of the best people in e-sports opened in December 2016 and finished on November 13 at a presentation ceremony in London. We tell, who contributes to this industry is highly valued by the community and the judges of the Esports Industry Award.

Person of the Year – Efie Sjokz Deportee

The charming European league leader in the League of Legends this year conquered all the world of e-sports and outperformed everyone in his nomination. Included popular in Dota 2 by Jake SirActionSlacks Kenner. Efier has worked for Riot since 2012, and previously he collaborated with SK Gaming as a journalist and interviewer. In addition to beaming smiles, this talented presenter has serious experience in the cybersport industry, honoring co-workers and even scientific degrees from the master of history.

The location commentator / host lives this year – Alex Machine Richardson

It would be surprising if different people received awards in this nomination. During the season, Alex has shown himself as an extraordinary commentator, a leading and versatile identity. His career in e-sports was opened as a player in Call of Duty 4, then casting at CS: GO, and in 2016-2017 he attempted himself in Dota 2. Behind him, the biggest tournament in two disciplines was classified as The International 7, where he is the main analyst studio in the group stage and picking up interviews is very difficult with players who have just left the tournament.

“It’s absolute madness! Thank you for everyone who gave me the opportunity to do what I like, and make him alive. I take a shower in California, California and get ready to say about games as work. Life is a gift! Three years later I is an alumni who commented on the Call of Duty from the university hall until evening. Today I can travel the world and work on what I really like, “Richardson wrote on” Twitter.”

Journalist Of The Year – Duncan Thorin Shields

The community will debate for a long time about the feasibility of this award. But someone can’t be picked up from Duncan – he knows how the technique draws attention to him and his work. He has been invited as an analyst at the CS: GO tournament, on “Twitter”, he is able to say about almost every discipline and that is for him for the interview, he will tell the unique details of his career. At the ceremony, he separated himself with a short but broad speech, in which all Shields Duncan:

“I often believe that it’s better to be arrogant than a liar. The only philosophy that has taken me around this (and this is my advice to all people here): try to be the best version of ourselves, create our standards alone. And forget the rest.”

Streamer of the Year – Guy Dr Dispespect Beam

Twitch Star Dr. No respect has millions of followers, hundreds of customers, and countless enthusiasts. He is known for his corporate style, mustache and sun glasses – a kind of rock-n-roll lover from the 80s. And even on strange behavior. In the summer, he fell into the center of a scandal with all PUBG developers. Then, the streamer which is very popular in this game, is prohibited because of immoral behavior. Dr DisRespect shot his allies, because only three were placed on motorbikes.

“I’m going to break the rules anywhere and anytime. I don’t care”, – it is the original motto.

Apparently, it was very exciting for the audience. And even at Dr DisRespect’s ceremony did not leave the image of an evil man.

Photographer of The Year – Joey Brady

Behind Joey, he works on television and collaborates with the biggest television shows. He gave four years of work in production, classified as Top Gear, QI, and The Apprentice. Now he was really picked up by photography and wrote the biggest tournament in CS: GO, Gears of Wars and other disciplines. And in his spare time he worked at a musician show.

Videografer of the Year – Davis OpTic Hitch Edwards

No matter how admiring Moritz Moose Zimmermann’s works, it is not easy to break through the “green wall”. OpTic Gaming’s organizational fans really like their main operators, because the media component is one of the key aspects of the company’s activities. Every week Davis helps prepare reviews, daily books and, of course, Visi – an organization’s video diary, in which he tells of all major achievements and announcements.

The New Comer in PC – Abay Hobbit Hasenov (CS: GO)

Abay began playing computer games in 10 years. With Counter Srtike, he was introduced by his brother. The first goal in e-sports was for him to go abroad to a number of major tournaments. He even quit his career after a number of failures and when he was unable to enter Kazakhstan’s national team, he went to America to study. But after a long break, he often returned to the game.

Abai joined Gambit Gaming in October 2016. First, with the loan position, and after impressive results, the organization bought the contract. The main achievement of Hobbit for this year is the victory at PGL Major Kraków 2017, from where he went with the tournament MVP title. Spectacular growth for this year in a major e-sports.

Unfortunately, Abai himself cannot attend the award ceremony because of the tight tournament and training schedule. But the statue for him is the plot of Constantine Pikiner, head of Gambit Export

The New Comer on Console – Victor Punk Woodley (Street Fighter)

This person is a real breakthrough in the world of battle. He started playing at the competitive level only in November 2016. And now, one year later, he has become one of the most successful cyber sportsmen in his field. The victory of his victory won at DreamHack Austin 2017, and it was the tournament of the tournament, where cash money prizes were played. During this season, he reached the second line of the 2017 EVO Championship Series, lost to Tokido in a great meeting, and won ELEAGUE Street Fighter V, earning $ 150 thousand.

Best Tournament 2018 – League of Legends Championship

Large stadiums, dragons and millions of spectators. This year, the League of Legends World League is working on a trip to China, visiting a number of cities and has collected more than 40,000 people in the final in the final in the “Bird’s Nest” Olympic arena. This year’s Riot Games went home to breaking the e-sports record according to information from the online audience, and the championship was visited by journalists from the biggest sports media.

The World Cup winner is the Samsung Galaxy, which beat SK Telecom T1 in the final with a score of 3: 0. For the victory, the Korean team received $ 1.7 million.

Best Player of the Year on Console – Matthew FormaL Piper

FormaL started his e-sports career with Halo, won 7 contradictory tournaments there, but then moved to Call of Duty together with other professionals. For his career, he went through six of the most different organizations, but in 2014 he settled on OpTic Gaming, which was the location of his new residence.

Matthew’s main achievement this year was the victory at CWL Championships 2017, where he became the best tournament player.

By the way, the same virtual sportsman gets a prize in the “The Moment of the Year” nomination, where he goes through Niko and Dupreeh.

Best Player of The Year on PC Amer Miracle-al-Barcavi (Dota 2)

Last year, Miracle was honored at the same ceremony as a newcomer this year. Now he is the best cyber sportsman with results this season. In 2017, he, together with Team Liquid, won eight championship victories in various levels, being the International 7 champion. Together with him, the team shared a prize of $ 10 million, and Amer himself quickly rose to the ranks of the richest cyber sportsman in this world.

His achievements were copied not only by players in Dota 2, but also by representatives from other disciplines.

“BibleThump Coldzera! Congratulations, Miracle, we are the only one who can defeat Cold 1 in 1 for the past two years!” – writes Captain SK Gaming Gabriel FalleN Toledo.

Even Miracle cannot attend the award ceremony – the Liquid Team will today be the host of the competition in the selection of majors from DreamLeague. But in the organizer’s hall indicated a funny video about how Amer tried to give a serious speech with words of thanks.

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